Our in-house software makes it possible to monitor the entire management process through a single platform, with a single point of contact, which brings immediate and evident advantages.

Massive benefits can result from a single click

Usability, effectiveness, accuracy: these are the cornerstones of the modular development of Infomed, our in-house centralised management software for wards and operating theatres, designed to reduce to a minimum the economic and bureaucratic process that all too often burdens the performance of clinical and hospital staff.

Together with the Clinical Support Specialist, Infomed is a tool that ensures centralised and constant control of logistics and accounting flows. The possibility to monitor and manage device rotations and expiry notices through a single platform leads to maximum accuracy and efficiency. Through ‘batch purchasing’, an integrated application of the ERP, it is possible to minimise – up to eliminating – stocks and inventories, setting up alerts in total autonomy based on usage and expiry dates.

The module dedicated to reporting was developed to keep data entry by clinical operators and hospital staff to a minimum – an approach further supported by the possibility of indicating the devices used during operations by clicking directly on images representing the human body, created ad hoc by an illustrator.

Our timeliness is also guaranteed by the constant supervision of a logistics manager who, coordinating the centralised warehouses in Rome and Sassari, helps optimise the resources and costs of managing the entire supply chain of wards, operating theatres and warehouses, providing centralised support and a single point of contact in all phases related to the purchasing and billing processes, with immediate benefits for all the clinical staff and the administration of a hospital.

The structures that have chosen us

Results of steady growth

A marked expansion of the organisation chart, a sharp increase in procedures, a deeply rooted presence on the national territory: these are the goals achieved in 2021 by Medical Concept, which to date provides assistance to as many as 22 hospital facilities across 5 Italian regions. This progress is also reflected in the number of employees and the number of haemodynamics, electrophysiology, cardiac surgery and endoscopy operations supported by our services. An exponential growth that well represents an ever-evolving reality, and that repays us for the relentless commitment we continue to demonstrate every day in supporting the national health system to offer efficient, safe and economically sustainable care.