Combining high-quality clinical performance with cost-effectiveness. This is what we mean by the 'gold standard' in care.










MISSIONInnovation is our vision, experience our strenght, effectiveness our guarantee

We want to help public and private hospitals address the needs and challenges of the national healthcare system. At Medical Concept Lab we believe that our adaptability, flexibility and responsiveness, together with re-engineering efforts and the expertise of a highly qualified staff, are the strategic lever to ensure not only safety, but also sustainable and accessible care.

Years of experience, gained in close collaboration with long-standing companies in the medical device distribution sector, have enabled Medical Concept Lab to evolve and offer concrete solutions to the demand for integrated services from public and private healthcare facilities. Technological innovation and process re-engineering are the main tools deployed by our multidisciplinary team, which is able to design and implement tailor-made solutions to optimise resources and performance.

Expertise and experience in the medical supply sector allow Medical Concept Lab to expand its services beyond the simple sale and installation of electro-medical equipment or medical devices, in order to offer customised management, maintenance and optimisation services that are effective, safe and cost-effective.


Our professionals care

Cross-cutting specialisations and wide-ranging skills to develop tailor-made solutions and far-reaching strategies.

Leonardo Fiore

Leonardo Fiore

Chief Executive Officer
Being in control by anticipating events. This is something he learnt as a child on a sailing boat, where you will still find him today when he is not at work.
Francesca Masala

Francesca Masala

Chief Financial Officer
Choosing to work with numbers has not made her forget her passion for literature and books; she is in fact an avid reader.
Gianluca Ara

Gianluca Ara

Technical Principal
Lots of technical skills, but not only that: his scientific rigour has always been complemented by a passion for nature, photography, communication and marketing.
Anna Claudia Leonardi

Anna Claudia Leonardi

Manager Area Centro
She combines a great work organization with sheer creativity in fashion, cooking and singing.
Gianni Demelas

Gianni Demelas

Manager Area Sardegna
He is always able to identify the right way to solve a problem: a skill developed on the mountains, going up and down beaten and not-so-beaten paths.
Terenzia Natale

Terenzia Natale

Manager e Coordinatrice R&D
Can a biomedical engineer write a novel? Of course she can. One publication under her belt, and we are just at the beginning.

about our work

Medical Concept Lab provides hospitals with all solutions and tools necessary to increase the efficiency and economic sustainability of departments and procedures. Our organisational structure with offices throughout Italy enables us to design and implement Service and Global Management strategies, with particular reference to the branches of Cardiac Surgery, Cardiology, Electrophysiology and Digestive Endoscopy.

Anticipating, predicting, optimising is a constant challenge.
Devising concrete solutions is a daily commitment.
Sharing better results is our greatest strength


We know the heart and how to treat it: our expertise and specialisation largely revolve around it. The heart is an essential organ but also a metaphor, a vital and indispensable resource for every individual. It is no coincidence that it in many languages it is used figuratively to indicate the passion, determination, ambition, and love that people show when overcoming an obstacle, achieving a feat, or pursuing a mission – and this is also why it will be always at the heart of Medical Concept Lab’s activities and corporate spirit.